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Xiaomi scooter tubeless tire (8.5x2-6.1)
Xiaomi scooter tubeless tire (8.5x2-6.1)
3 900 Ft

Xiaomi scooter tubeless tire (8.5x2-6.1)

Xiaomi scooter tubeless tire (8.5x2-6.1)

The most common cause of punctures on Xiaomi scooters is due to the reduced tire pressure, the inner tire does not tighten enough in the outer tire, therefore the tire moves and rubs during impacts during the ride (starting and stopping). After a while, the wall of the inner tire becomes so thin that it punctures. Unfortunately, often the inner half of the outer tire also wears out. In this case, it is advisable to replace it as well, because it can quickly destroy the new inner tire. There are several solutions to this problem: regular pumping, reinforced inner tire (approx. +30% wall thickness), solid tire (not good for suspension comfort, or for the scooter when used on lower quality roads). The latest promising solution is the tubeless outer tire: there is no inner tire to wear out. You have to pay attention to the correct tire pressure here too! The valve required for the tire can be found here: valve for tubeless tires and the premium version here: valve for tubeless tires (premium).

Scooter type
Cecotec Bongo A series, Motus Scooty 8.5, Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Essential, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Pro2, , Xiaomi MI 3 LITE, Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Lite (1st gen)
Large quantity in stock
3 900 Ft
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Type of tire:
outer tire
Outer diameter (factory value):
Outer widht (factory value):
Outer widht (measured value):
50 mm
Inner diameter (factory value):
Inner diameter (measured value):
150 mm
Inner widht (measured value):
43 mm
Tube type / Tubeless:
tömlő nélküli (tubeless)
Tire pattern:
Article No.:
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