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Company name / Name:
WooW Hungary Kft.
Kishegyesi út 1-11., Debrecen, 4031, Hungary
Personal pick up here:
4031 Debrecen, Kishegyesi út 1-11.
Phone number:
Shop name:
Tax number:
EU VAT number:
Company registration number:
Company court:
Debreceni Cégbíróság
Bank account number:
CIB Bank Zrt. 10700141-04782201-51100005
HU28 1070 0141 0478 2201 5110 0005
Contact person name:
Szabó Miklós
Contact person´s phone number:
Contact person´s e-mail address:
  • Personal pick-up in our store (4031 Debrecen, Kishegyesi út 1-11. TESCO, REMAX store)
    Personal pick-up in our store (4031 Debrecen, Kishegyesi út 1-11. TESCO, REMAX store).
    The ordered products can also be picked up at the REMAX store located in the TESCO Store at Debrecen, Kishegyesi út 1-11., every day of the week (except public holidays, public holidays). Cash or credit cards are accepted on site.
    Opening hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 9.00 -20.00
    Sunday: 9.00 - 19.00
  • Foxpost parcel locker
    Place your order at any FOXPOST parcel locker and you don't have to wait all day for the courier! Our parcel lockers are easily accessible in many parts of the country, both indoors and outdoors, even 0-24. Occasionally, some parcel lockers may be overloaded, so for faster pick-up, consider the saturation color indication of the parcel lockers when selecting the lockers. You can track and pick up your package anytime and anywhere in the FOXPOST app. Your order will be delivered within 1 business day from handing it over to our courier, as soon as it arrives at the parcel locker, you will be notified by email and a unique collection code will be sent. Then, primarily on Viber or via SMS, they will send you a notification containing the receipt deadline with hour-minute accuracy. You have 4 days to pick up your parcel. If you are a registered user and have placed an order in our webshop with the same data as in your FOXPOST account, you can quickly and easily pick up your order using the FOXPOST app without even needing the unique code. Important: At parcel lockers you can only pay by credit card, or in case of pick-up via the FOXPOST app via SimplePay.
    Order total
    Shipping cost
    0  Ft
    2 998  Ft
    590 Ft
    2 999  Ft
  • GLS parcel lockers and parcelshops
    Adapt parcel pick-up to your own time with GLS Parcel Lockers and GLS Parcelshops.

    Due to their location, the majority of GLS Parcel Lockers are available from 0 to 24 hours. You have 5 working days to receive the parcel by entering the PIN code indicated in the notification. In case of an parcel locker, cash on delivery can only be paid by credit card.

    In the case of GLS ParcelShops, you also have 5 working days to present a valid identity document to receive the parcel. For all shipping methods, packages are delivered on the working day following dispatch.
    Order total
    Shipping cost
    0  Ft
    9 999  Ft
    990 Ft
    10 000  Ft
  • GLS home delivery
    With its well-structured network, it enables fast and smooth parcel delivery, so packages are delivered on the working day following dispatch.

    In addition to the huge GLS HUB, 89 depots and more than 2200 couriers ensure that parcels reach their recipients as soon as possible after proper sorting. In addition to home delivery, GLS offers nationwide coverage in this segment as well with its network of 1700 handover points (GLS ParcelShops and GLS Vending Machines).
    Order total
    Shipping cost
    0  Ft
    29 999  Ft
    1 900 Ft
    30 000  Ft
  • Credit card payment with BARION
    Convenient and secure online payment is provided by Barion Payment Zrt., MNB license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013. Your credit card details will not reach our store.
    barion_com To customer information CLICK HERE
  • Payment on delivery Foxpost
    In case of payment on delivery payment method, the handling fee is HUF 490. The customer can pay the amount of payment on delivery at the parcel lockers only by credit card.
  • Payment on delivery GLS
    In case of Payment on delivery GLS payment method, the handling fee is HUF 200. In case of GLS home delivery or parcel point delivery, the amount that can be paid by cash on delivery is maximum HUF 500,000. The customer can pay the amount of cash on delivery at the parcel lockers by credit card, or in case of home delivery by cash or credit card at the courier.
  • Payment on site
    You can pay for your order in cash or by credit card in our store.